LB Elixir Anti-Chute Premium


Scalp Elixir for regular scalp care.

Filling Quantity: 100 ml



Age doesn’t spare the scalp. As the aging process is only 30 percent genetic, but 70 percent dependent on external influences, you can do quite a bit with the right care.

Use Elixir Anti-Chute to revitalize the scalp and for younger looking hair. Inspired by anti-aging facial products, Elixir Anti-Chute optimises youthful radiance!

  • Larch wood polyphenol
  • Phyto cell extracts
  • Glyco cell extract from bearberry and Indian padauk
  • Glycogen
  • Bearberry

Shake before use!Distribute approx. 5 ml Elixir Anti-Chute after every shampoo along the parting of the scalp and lightly massage in with the fingertips. Leave-in product.


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