[2-in-1 Bundle Deal] Anti-age Scalp Home Care Set 邀活头皮家用护理套装


解決方案                    滋養賦活系列 (DERMOSTHETIQUE ANTI AGE)

洗 導入

Shampoo Actif Therapie Anti-Chute Premium

滋養賦活                    滋養賦活

洗髮露                        深層修護精華

去除角質                    導入精華                    減少脫髮

  • 放大二百倍瞭解頭皮狀況
  • 為頭皮進行深層清潔除去多餘角質
  • 導入精華激活頭髮毛囊幹細胞更新
  • 打避免細胞因醣化造成硬化
  • 減少因老化及荷爾蒙變化造成的脫髮問題
  • 另有特別針對因受男性荷爾蒙影響產生脫髮的精華


Item 1: Shampooing Actif F
Cell-active anti-aging shampoo for the supportive treatment of signs of aging of scalp and fine hair.
  • Incredibly light for fine hair.
  • Keratin and ceramides strengthen and protect delicate hair.
  • Red algae defends hair against damaging free radicals.
  • Increases the scalp’s defences against stress

洗发露 深层修护精华

去除角质,导入精华, 减少脱发

  • 放大二百倍了解头皮状况
  • 为头皮进行深层清洁除去多余角质
  • 导入精华激活头发毛囊干细胞更新
  • 打避免细胞因糖化造成硬化
  • 减少因老化及荷尔蒙变化造成的脱发问题
  • 另有特别针对因受男性荷尔蒙影响产生脱发的精华


Item 2: Elixir Anti-Chute Premium
Cell-active scalp tonic to maximise the results of the Therapie Anti-Chute Amouple
  • Breaks down glycation, or hardening of scalp
  • Provides scalp with nutrients to support cell turnover
  • Protects collagen cells from hardening and making new hair growth difficult


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